Take it off!

As most of you know it’s pretty much summer!(if you live in the states). And guess what that means? Humidity and sweat and dirt oh my! This also means that you go broke trying to find the best facial care products. I can tell you from personal experience that facial products are pretty much trial and error, but I’d rather have an error on something 5 dollars not 50! So ladies (and gents) I am going to provide you with some inexpensive facial products to keep your skin easy breeze and beautiful this summer.



Great for all skin types

So this first product I want to talk about is called garnier Micellar water. Yes that’s right it’s water. It has other ingredients in it (duh!). It sounds like it wouldn’t do much but it surprisingly gets off makeup really well, and a little goes a long way. I think this is a better alternative too makeup wipes.Although it says you don’t need to rinse I’d still follow up with another cleanser.



Great for all skin types

This product is my go to facial wash. They really weren’t lying when they said moisturizing facial wash! After using this my face doesn’t feel stripped but I can tell it’s gotten clean. This is more of a light facial wash just to get the top layer of dirt. And the good thing is if you have sensitive skin this perfect for you.










Great for oily/combination skin
Now this might be one of those trial and error products I was mentioning earlier. I’ve heard a lot of people that have used this saying that it broke their skin out or didn’t really do anything. Now me personally I love it! I use this cleanser about twice a week and I always wake-up with smooth clean skin! The way I suggest using this is splashing your face with warm water to open your pores. Then apply the product and massage it into your face. After that rinse with cold water to close pores and add a moisturizer. This stuff is honestly a miracle in a bottle.


Great for all skin types

One of the most enjoyable experiences of them all is the facial mask! Every time I put one on I feel pampered and it doesn’t require much effort. Now there are so many clay masks and a lot of them are expensive. I found this little gem at CVS or Walgreens I believe. Honestly this stuff makes me skin so smooth. I wake up with even toned baby like skin. And this stuff honestly lasts so long. I only use it about 3 times a month and I love it every time!

7 thoughts on “Take it off!

  1. Hey darling, great work! Might want to suggest where the products are sold at the price you paid. 😉 Great job for your first blog.


    • Thank you! 🙂 and I did out the prices right before I wrote each paragraph but I will make sure to include where I got my stuff next time!


  2. When you mention your product don’t call it stuff call the product by it’s name also mention if the product is for Normal skin , Oily skin, dry skin, or sensitive skin!!! Or just say for All skin Type!!! Grand-Ma Proud of you!! VERY GOOD Eboni!!! You’re going to get BETTER at this!!! LOVE

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