All about the nudes!

So summer is pretty much already starting, unless you live in Florida then its summer all the time. I notice that the summer makeup trends are all about the nudes! Now what type of beauty blogger would I be if I didn’t show you guys some on trend makeup products. The product i’d like to introduce today (drumroll) is….the… Maybelline-the blushed nudes! This gorgeous pallet is gonna give you no makeup-makeup realness.


What caught my eye immediately was the packaging. I thought there’s no way something 9.89 can be this pretty. So of course I had to get it (shoutout to my boyfriend for getting it for me). It’s a plastic like pallet with no mirror which is fine for me cause I never use the mirrors anyways. It comes with 12 shades ranging from light pink to darker brown nudes.


So this would be a pretty unrealistic  review if I  didn’t list some cons. So before I start raving I’m gonna give you the down sides.

Con 1: do not and I repeat DO NOT use these eyeshadows without an eyeshadow primer. You will literally be packing on color to your eyes for weeks. This isn’t a super pigmented pallet in general but once you put on some primer you should be good to go.

Disclaimer: I am a darker skin tone so that may be why these colors aren’t as pigmented for me

Con 2: When I swatched the first row on my hand I almost had a heart attack because the colors almost all looked the same. So make sure to mix and match with the bottom row

Processed with VSCO
Swatches of first row


Alright enough of the cons let’s get into some of the pros of this gorgeous pallet.

Pro 1: Although the top row colors look similar, they are really amazing shades to use for highlighting. I didn’t notice it at first but once I stepped out into the sun light, the colors were so shimmery and shiny. You’d for sure be glowing for the gods!

Pro 2: If you feel like your face isn’t a good suit for heavy eye looks then this is an amazing pallet for you! This is a very natural, soft, pinky pallet that’s great for the summer time.

Pro 3: I think that pretty much all skin tones could pull off this pallet. I was a little skeptical with using so many light pinks with my darker skin tone but to me it looks nice on my skin. I’ve also watched some Youtubers that range from pale to dark and have used this pallet and look amazing !

2016-05-14 12.08.52 1-1
A look I created with the pallet!

So for 9.89 it’s a hard one to beat! Let me know if you purchase this pallet and how you feel about it. Feel free to comment any suggestions or like this article, thanks for all the support guys!


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