Im in love with the coco…nut oil!


I mean honestly what can’t coconut oil be used for at this point. It’s uses range from skin care, to hair care, to cooking, to preventing diseases! If you’re not already on the coconut bandwagon hop on it because this stuff is amazing. The cool part is, if it doesn’t work for one thing on your body there’s a whole bunch of other things you can use it for!

1.Makeup Remover

A lot of the makeup wipes and removers we use are filled with chemicals and things that could damage our skin in the long run. Coconut oil is a perfect alternative to makeup wipes or any other forms of makeup removers. Just put some coconut oil on a cotton pad, wipe it on your face and viola, your makeup is gone in a flash!(make sure to cleanse your face after!)

Yes I know, you probably read that and went “what the heck”. I was surprised when I found out you could use coconut oil as a deodorant! Basically the coconut oil kills the bacteria that causes your armpits to smell. Now your armpits aren’t gonna have a baby powder smell, but if you’re into more natural products then this would he very useful for you!


So although tanning isn’t something I partake in, I found this use for coconut oil the most interesting. For one coconut oil has an spf of 4. And apparently it helps you get darker quicker. I’ve personally never tested this, but if you’re up for some experimentation then go for it!

Did you know that our lips is the only part of our body that doesn’t have any oil glands. It’s no wonder they get so dry. Well coconut can help take care of that. What I like to do is put some on my lips at night, and when I wake up I have nice, soft lips!

5.Eyelash Serum

Not everyone is born with lushes long lashes. Or maybe they’ve just been damaged over time. Whatever the case may be coconut oil is the perfect solution for that. Just melt down the coconut oil on the finger, and rub some on before you go to bed. If you’re consistent, you’ll see your eyelashes start to grow back in no time!

6.”Buttering”your toast

If you’re looking for a substitute for butter or you just wanna switch it up try some coconut oil. Make sure you get unrefined coconut for this use because the flavor is more potent.

7.Oil Pulling

Now this is something I don’t hear people talking about often. Its basically another method of getting your teeth clean and white. Although its suggested you brush your teeth afterwards i think you could use this method instead of tooth paste. What you do, is swish the oil around in your mouth for about 20 minutes, then, you spit it out. If you want a more in depth explanation click here.

8.Shaving cream

Sometimes after you shave your skin  feels irritated, or you notice razor bumps. Pure coconut oil can help to stop those things. Just warm some up in your hands, rub it where you plan to shave, and then shave (obviously). Not only will it prevent razor bumps and irritation, but your skin will look and feel smooth!


If you have really dry hair, conditioning is a MUST for you. But, a lot of conditioners have silicones which can become a problem for your hair. A great alternative is coconut oil! It melts your tangles away and gives you amazing moisture! Just make sure you rinse it out really good so your hair isn’t oily (coconut oil is heavy!)


So to end off my list, I’ll mention the most obvious one, cooking! Instead of using all those Pam sprays, or butter use some coconut oil! It will add a new flavor to your food. Also there are plenty of recipes that call for coconut oil, here are a few!

Well there you have it, ten uses for coconut oil!Honestly there are so many uses for coconut oil it was hard to pick 10.Let me know which one you want to try or have already tried! Thanks for reading and feel free to follow so you can know whenever I upload a blog post!





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