Reminiscent days

I love days like today. Its not too hot, not too cool. It’s a perfect happy medium. The birds chirp harmoniously, almost as if they are aware of this beautiful day too. I call it my reminiscent day.


There’s always one day out of each year that feels like today. And, when that time comes around i think about my last reminiscent day and my future one. I wonder what i will be doing, and what was i doing. I think of being an eight year old,my friends knocking at my door, wanting to play. I muse on where I will be in life. If i’ll become too busy to notice a day like today.

I can’t exactly explain why i feel like this on these particular days. Something about the way the wind feels on my skin, it’s pattern. Sometimes it’s subtle then it speeds up again. The birds chirp softer when the wind is more harsh; their tempo begins to rise when the wind settles down. The sky is never too cloudy on these days. The right amount of white fluff mingles with the sky, allowing the blue to shine through.

The leaves are gentle as well. They just barely rustle in the background, making sure they’re not forgotten. Often, i hear seaguals far off in the distance, reminding me of childhood trips to the beach, reminding me of home.

These days comfort me the most. It makes me realize just how beautiful life is. Shows me how far I’ve come and how far i have to go. I often wonder if i were to go anywhere else in the world, would i still get a day like today, or if this is just the feeling of home.




It makes me sad that everyday isn’t like today. That there will be days when the birds don’t chirp, the leaves don’t rustle, and the seaguals are silent. The sky will be covered in dark clouds, and no blue will be able to shine through. But it also makes me realize that this is sort of like a metaphor. Even when you’re at your lowest, your happiness will return. Those birds will chirp again, the sky will go back to it’s stunning blue, and those seaguals will for sure be returning. Things can come back, always.

Picture i captured of some sort of bird


Picture i captured of this tree blowing in the wind



It still amazes me how much a feeling, a moment in time can make one think that much.  I’m happy i was able to share my reminiscent day with you guys! Reminiscent days are rare, find it, and cherish it.



All images © 2016 eboni simmons.


9 thoughts on “Reminiscent days

  1. You paint such a great picture of those poignant moments, the ones that hit us on a spiritual and physical level and kind of defy explanation. I’m about to graduate from college, so I’ve had a lot of them lately. Really enjoyed this 🙂

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