May monthly favorites!

May went by with the blink of an eye and June is ready to take over! I’m personally excited for June to begin. It’s my birthday month, shoutout to all the gemini’s ( comment your zodiac sign bellow), and offically the start of summer vacation ( whoop whoop). But before i can dive into to my favorite month of the year i think it would be a good idea to reflect on the month of may. What better way to do that than share with you my favorite products I used this month!

P.S. Everything underlined is a link to purchase the product!

Fav Beauty Products:

Pitures of the items listed below

Nicka K Matte Eyeshawdow Palette

This eyeshawdow palette comes with 23 cool toned matte shades. I got this at my local beauty supply store for 4.99, and didn’t expect much of it, but boy was i wrong. The shades are highly pigmented and creamy! They blended so easily i was like in shock while doing my eyeshadow. This is such a staple eyeshadow palette to have, it’s excellent for beginners in makeup!

Neutrogena Make-up Remover Wipes

I really have been loving these makeup wipes. I picked them up at walmart for 1.89 and I’m glad i did. The wipes really melted through any makeup i had on, and they don’t irritate my skin. They feel really soft and don’t tug at my face, which is my main buying point on makeup removers!

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lip Line

So I am actually obssesed with this lip liner! It’s such a creamy consistency, and very pigmented. I got this lip liner (in the shade wine) for only 3.79 at walmart! I swear by these lip liners. Go pick a whole bunch up, you won’t regret it!

Flat top Eyeshawdow Brush

Now i couldn’t find the exact name of the brush i got but the one in the link above is similar. This brush is amazing for blending colors in your crease or outer v. It picks up so much shawdow and blends it out really seamlessly!


Fav Hair Care Products:


Gorilla Snot

Now don’t worry this isn’t literally gorilla snot( although it feels like it) it’s actually a hair gel. As the months get warmer i find it harder and harder to lay my baby hair’s down. I just happened stumble across this at walmart and i figured might as well try it. Lemme tell you guys, this stuff is the real deal. It not only laided my baby hairs down, but they stayed down for a full two days! It’s honestly the best thing since sliced bread! haha

Lotta Body Curl&Style Milk

Although my hair is currently in braids, it’s still important for me to keep my hair moisturized. This product does just that! After using this i woke up with moisturized hair, and braids. If you’re prone to dry hair, or have kinky/curly hair, this product is perfect for you! I’m so glad i discovered this bad boy, i’ll definately be repurchasing!

Fav Book!:



The Mysterious Benedict Society

This book is one of those oldie but goodie books. I’ve had this novel for a few years now, but i decided to read it again and fell back in love! I mainly love this book because it impowers kids, and i find myself relating to each of the characters in some way.

Fav Song!

Drake just recently dropped a new album called views, an i’ve been loving it! The one song I’ve been going back to on his album is controlla. I love the reggea vibe the song has. When you listen to it, you cant’ help but to dance!

So those were my may monthly favorites! Comment down below what you’ve been loving this month, and if you’ve tried any of these products! Audios Mayo, y hola junio!



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