My Simple Skin Care Routine (evening/night)

I think before you get into makeup having a good skin care routine is essential! Although I don’t have acne free skin I thought I’d share with you lovelies what I use on my skin!

I mainly suffer with clogged pores and little bumps on my forehead, and these products have been helping. So let’s dive right into it shall we!

1. I always start my routine by putting my hair in a bun .
  • This just helps from hair getting in my way while I’m washing my face. Also, you don’t want the grease from your hair getting on your face cause uh, that’s sort of counterproductive!
2. I make sure to wash my hands with a gentle soap to get any dirt off.
  • Keyword is gentle soap! One time I used antibacterial soap and when I went to wash my face, it burned like crazy. Learn from my mistakes!

3.One thing I make sure I do is rinse my face with warm water! This just opens up my pores ,and helps all the nasty stuff in my face escape .

4. I’ve been using this St.Ives green tea scrub, and loving it! I only put a dime size amount in my hands, because a little goes a long way! I scrub it on my face for about a minute, and then I rinse my face with cool water to close my pores up!



5. So after I pat my face dry with a clean towel, I like to moisturize. Depending on your skin type/climate you might need a heavier moisturizer for your face. Since I live  in Florida, and I have combination skin, this Nivea soft moisturizer is perfect! Its a very lightweight formula, but still moisturizing.



6. The very last thing I do, is use my handy dandy coconut oil! I like to rub some on my eyelashes and lips! It helps my eyelash grow longer and not fall out as much. And when I wash my face, my lips tend to get dry so this helps bring them back to life!
  • As you can see I have a very simple skin care routine, but its effective! In case you missed it in my post I have combination skin, so this is what works for me. I am by no means a professional I just wanted to share with you guys what I do :).

Let me know if you use any of these products or if you want to! I’m interested in hearing other people’s skin care routines so comment them below or even comment a link to your skin care routine!

Thanks for reading xoxo










23 thoughts on “My Simple Skin Care Routine (evening/night)

    • Yeah it took me awhile to find a routine that works! I was using way too many products so I just went back to the basics. And thank you ❤❤


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