Easy DIY lip scrub!

I don’t know about you guys, but I love me some DIY’s. And not just any, but the ones I can actually do! Keeping that in mind, I decided to show you guys a simple DIY that includes items loads of people have!

So if you want soft, supple lips, then keep on reading!

Items you’ll need:

Processed with VSCO

  • Olive oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Brown sugar
  • Tsp/tbsp measurer
  • Fork
  • Container to store lip scrub in(one with a lid)


Step 1: Measure out three tbsp(table spoons)  of brown sugar and place in your container of choice.

Processed with VSCO


Step 2: Put one tbsp of olive oil in brown sugar and mix with fork until sugar looks wet-ish.

Processed with VSCO



Step 3: Put a half tbsp of coconut (solid or melted) into the mixture

Processed with VSCO



Step 4: Stir together lip scrub with a fork until everything is thoroughly mixed together!

Processed with VSCO


That’s it for the steps guys!


What I do is apply the scrub to my lips and move it around in a circular motion on my lips for 30 seconds. Then I just rinse it off with Luke warm water!

Storage/longevity: I would suggest just leaving this lip scrub in a room temperature room. I write the date I made my lip scrub so I can track how long I’ve had it. This usually last me a month or two!

That’s all for today ladies and gents, I hope you liked this easy diy! Let me know in the comments if you want to try this, or if you do use it! I definitely want to do more diy’s in the future so stay tuned. Also thank you for everyone who is following me I appreciate the support!  Feel free to like or share, and if you’re new hi I’m eboni!❤

Thanks for reading xoxo




16 thoughts on “Easy DIY lip scrub!

  1. I definitely need this. Maybe I’ll make it soon! Thanks! I have a DIY throw pillow post over on my site tidyandteal.com. Have a great day!
    –Rachel 🙂

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