Fun Summer Makeup Tutorial !

Guys I am just DYING over this makeup look! I’m really loving the way it turned out and how fun and pink it is! Some people may say this isn’t as wearable but I’d wear this to the grocery store if you ask me. I think makeup  is always wearable even if you have blue lips and rainbow eyes!

So my lovelies, if you’d like to see how to get this :

AirBrush_20160604165225fun makeup look then keep reading!



1. Since I couldn’t find my primer, I used L.A girl pro conceal as my primer, then set it with an white eyeshadow.


NickaK palette

2. I went in with a coffee brown shade from my nickaK palette and popped that in my crease with a wet n wild crease brush. Since I didn’t feel like that was enough, I went over that color with a maroon colored eyeshadow to give  me some pop.

3. On the outer v and inner part of my eye I used a red-orange color with a wet n wild flat eyeshadow packing brush. Make sure on this step you don’t put any eyeshadow in the middle off your eyelid! Only to outer v of the eye and inner part of the eye.

Maybelline-the blushed nudes

4. Since I had all these matter colors on my eyes I wanted to add a little shimmer! So I took this pretty pink shade from my Maybelline palette and packed it on the blank spot on my eyelid with my finger!

5. Because I didn’t think it was shining  enough I took that brownish shimmery color and  put it over the pink shimmery color using my finger!

***take a Clean blending eyeshadow brush and blend everything together so it’s seamless***

Wet n wild wet volume waterproof mascara

6. So this was my first time using this mascara and I really love  it! It got my lashes long and held the natural curl!  So I just applied this mascara after I finished using all the eyeshadows!



7. I don’t really do much to my eyebrows because I like the way they are naturally. But I did take the same concealer I used as my eyeshadow primer and shaped up my brows with it.



NickaK lipstick & L.A girl pro conceal in the shade espresso

8. Don’t judge me when you read the next part haha. So I took this concealer and put it all over my lips. Then I added this NickaK lipstick on top of it, and it gave me a pretty coral color that I love! This might be my go to combination from now on.


So that’s all for today’s blog post, I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did! I really love doing these makeup tutorials Im gonna start doing more! Let me know in the commemts if you would try this look or if you want to. Or if you would wear something like this! If you enjoyed this post feel free to like it :).

Thank you guys for reading!






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