Life hacks are honestly one of my favorite type of posts/ videos to watch. I’m often shocked at the things people are able to come up with or find!

Since I love life hacks so much I thought I’d share some with you guys! So buckle up and prepare for some awesome beauty life hacks!

1.If you run out of eyeliner just take an eyeliner brush and use some mascara that’s on the mascara wand instead! I don’t suggest you do this often it’s more of like a one time thing

2. If you run out of translucent powder to cook/bake your face with, some baby powder! Once again this isn’t something you should do like every day, but for one time it should be fine!

3. If you don’t have any blush, just use a blush colored lipstick like you would a cream blush! It looks just as pretty and cute.:)

4. If you don’t have any more cream contour, use a brown colored lipstick (that suits your skin type) just like you would a cream contour!

5. If you want to turn a lipstick matte then take some translucent power with your finger and pat it all over your lips after you put on your lipstick.

6. I know a lot of people know about this one, but, instead of using a brush to lay down your baby hairs, just use a clean tooth brush! It’s smaller and it’s easier to use!

7. If you run out of brow gel just find an old mascara that you don’t use, and use it as a brow gel! Don’t have a heavy hand because your brows may be too dark!

8. If you want your eyeshadow to have a cat eye affect, just put some clear tape  from the outer part of your eye, to the end if your eyebrows! Make sure you put it on the back if your hand first to get it less sticky. You don’t want to create crows feet!

9. If you don’t have oil blotting sheet or can’t find any, use those toilet seat covers! I wouldn’t suggest one from a public restroom unless you don’t mind!

10. If you don’t have makeuo brush cleaner, then just use 2 parts dish soap and one part olive oil. It gets all of the makeup out, and leaves your brushes soft!

Well that was it for my 10 makeup hacks I hope you guys liked it! Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these hacks or if you want to! I like doing life hacks post and I’m gonna be doing more soon so stay tuned! Thank you to everyone who has followed me, or reads my posts! I appreciate it more than you think:)

Thanks for reading guys!!


11 thoughts on “TEN BEAUTY LIFE HACKS!

  1. I’ve tried a few these like the toilet seat cover for blotting oil. I’ve also used a toothbrush on my eyebrows to keep them looking shaped. Some other beauty hacks I have are using toothpaste or hydrogen peroxide to dry out pimples.

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