I Reached 100 followers!!!


So I just got this notification that I reached 100 followers and I’m like, in shock! This may not seem like a lot to people but this is amazing to me! I only started blogging about one month ago, and the fact that I have 100 people following me is insane! It took me ten days to get 1 follower so to have 100 is just…ughfhfhf.

Blogging has honestly helped my life. I was very sad a month ago because I’m getting close to being on my own and I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I didn’t know really what my passion was or anything. I was very lost, then I started blogging. Blogging has helped me be a better writer, it’s shown me what I love to do! And when people comment saying they like something I write I feel so happy :). I’ve finally found somewhere I fit in and that’s a wonderful thing!

Thank you everyone who is following me I love you all and appreciate your support!

Truly, thanks for reading!


Email: ebonisblogs@yahoo.com


23 thoughts on “I Reached 100 followers!!!

    • Thank you! And my tip would be to network with other bloggers and support the community! Comment on posts and be active and post often! Also use whatever social media’s you have to share posts you’ve made on wordpress! If you have a Facebook there is a group I’m in called “bloggers supporting bloggers” you should join it ! 🙂

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  1. Must be nice to have made so much money practising medicine that one could just quit.Gee, do you suppose that barriers to entry and government money together have made doctors relatively rich?True, Oba3a&#m9;s reform does ot address thes issues. Nor are they addressed now.


  2. This is gorgeous. I love search engine haiku. So creative. And what a beautiful photo of the hesaa-rhtped leaf. Did you take that? Still loving my Vegan Citizen shoes.Happy Holidays, Bella.


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