I just wanted to talk to you guys about this amazing mascara that I own! It’s none other than the
Wet n wild Max Volume mascara. You guys may or may not have heard of this mascara. It’s not really a hot topic as far as I know, but it should be. It’s literally about 4 dollars and is amazing!


***it is water proof***


The main thing I love is the wand!:



The thin bristles really get in between my lashes and separates them! To me, when it comes to a mascara the wand is more important than the formula (formula is still important don’t get me wrong).


One down side to this, is I feel like you don’t get as much mascara in the bottle as other mascaras, unless I just used it quickly. It just has a empty feeling, but it’s hard to tell because I can’t see the formula in the tube!


I love the fact that it’s waterproof, because in the summer I sweat like crazy( I mean duh I live in florida).


Also it holds my natural curl really well, and it doesn’t make my lashes clumpy, or spidery.


  • One thing I would  suggest is to not wear waterproof mascara every day. Most likely your lashes will get weak and fall out (trust me I know).


Overall this mascara is amazing, and the price point is insane! I think this may be one of the cheapest mascaras I’ve purchased,and one of the best! It’s pretty much my go too when I want volume and length!


Let me know in the comments what’s your holy grail mascara or if you love this wet n wild one! Also I’m curious what do you think is more important; formula, or wand (when it comes to mascara) let me know! Thank you guys so so much for reading, it really makes me happy when you guys enjoy my content!❤❤


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