Blog Recap !♡♡

Hey guys since my summer break just started I thought I’d take today to just relax and hang out with my boyfriend! So instead of doing a normal post I thought I’d  recap of some of my latest blogs so you can check them out if you haven’t seen then yet !(you can click the titles)

TEN BEAUTY LIFE HACKS!–  Check out this post if you’re interested in some real cool beauty hacks .I think you might be surprised about a few of them.♡

15 facts about me!– If you’re following me or even if you’re not, head over to this post to learn some info about me like my age etc.♡

Fun Summer Makeup Tutorial !– I did a really pretty pink eye and lip look for the summer that I think lots of people would enjoy!♡

I Reached 100 followers!!!– My most recent post about me reaching 100 followers!

MY HOLY GRAIL MASCARA!– Check this post out if you want to know about an amaazziinngg mascara I use. And guess what, it’s only four bucks!


So that’s it for my blog recap definitely check them out they’re good ones! Also stay tuned tomorrow because I’ll be posting my review of the Shaanxo palette! Shaanxo is a beauty Youtuber from New Zealand that I loovvee. Anyways guys, I hope you have a wonderful day or night!♡

Thanks for reading!

-eboni xoxo♡


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Instagram : eboni_simmons

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