Lipstick of the day!

I see a lot of other beauty bloggers doing a lipstick of the day post, so why not hop on board :). The lipstick I’m loving today is this LAC matte lipstick. It’s such a pretty color and it was only 1.50! It actually lasts a pretty decent time if you aren’t eating greasy foods. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone.

I purchased this lipstick from dollar general and I’m so glad I did!

how it looks on me 🙂

This was just a quick little post for today nothing too serious! Let me know in the comments what lipsticks you’re living lately, or if you’re enjoying this one! I really want to increase my lipstick collection, so be prepared for lots of lipstick posts haha. If you enjoyed this post feel free to leave a like or feed back:)

Thanks for reading!


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