Makeup look using shaanxo palette!

Hey guys Ive decided that I’m gonna upload a post every other day to kind of spread out my ideas a bit. But I think in between each day I’ll do like an interactive post so people can talk to me and each other! I think it’s a nice way to connect with my fellow bloggers and my followers!

So anyways I just wanted to show you guys the look I wore yesterday using the shaanxo palette  :).

Makeup look:








1. Instead of the doing the typical eye shadow primer, I just used the yellow mustard color all over my lid as the base

2. Then I just put this dusty rose color in my crease using a wet n wild crease brush. I built the color up until it looked how I wanted it too!

3. I took this shimmery bronze color, and put it all over my lid with my finger!



4. Then I took my wet n wild mascara that I love and used it on my lashes!





5. I just used my fingers and used thus pretty pinkish color all over my lips!

And that’s pretty much it guys! I don’t wear foundation so my makeup  tutorials will probably be very quick for a while!


Im sorry my posts have been a little less enthusiastic and whatnot. I’ve been kind of down about blogging because I’m worried it will be hard for me to do this for awhile. It’s something I really love doing I’m just kind of worried I’ll run out of ideas or people will stop reading my posts. Let me know If you guys ever feel like that or if you can relate.

But hey if you liked this post feel free to like or leave me some feed back :)!

Thank you guys for reading!



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