A bang for your buck! (Literally)

Trying to find cheap, affordable makeup actually isn’t that hard nowadays.Trying to find cheap, affordable make that isn’t crappie…now that’s a journey in itself! But don’t fret, it’s  actually very possible! Instead of you having to go out and try everything(which of course you can still do), sit back and I’ll show you some bang for your buck products! Read More »


Noxema Review!!

Hey guys it’s ya girl eboni and I’m back with another review! I was in publix and saw this product that I’m gonna be reviewing today and had to snag it. I mean it was only 3 dollars so I didn’t have much to lose! So if you’re interested in this product or just want to see how I like it then keep reading! Read More »

Q&A answers!

Hey everyone it’s been such a bust summer so far! I haven’t been able to make a blog lately, but u have some free time right now! A few days ago I posted a blog and asked people to ask me some questions! So today I’m gonna answer them for you!

Question by Diego :

1.If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life what would it be?

I though about this for a good minute because there’s so many movies I love. I’d probably just watch Forrest Gump, because that’s my favorite movie and it never gets old!

Question by a sad u r :

2. Who r u?

I’m not really sure how this person meant his question so if I answer it wrong my bad. Um I guess I’m just a 17 year old girl named eboni, getting ready to go out on her own.

Question by Research before spend :

3. What makes you happy?

It’s so weird that this is such a hard question to answer. There’s a multitude of things that make me happy. Probably seeing my friends,family and boyfriend. Also dogs make me happy. Food makes me happy. Achieving my goals make me happy. Being alive in general makes me happy! 🙂

Question by Amy :

4. What is your favorite thing about blogging?

My favorite thing is how nice and welcoming the community is! Even with really big bloggers that get lots of comments, they’re always supportive and sweet. Everyone’s always encouraging each other and it’s inspiring.

Question by Natalie :

5. What is a beauty product you cannot live without?

A beauty product I can’t live without would probably be mascara. If  you meant makeup then yeah I’d day mascara. It brings every look together and makes your eyes pop!

So that’s all the question I got for the Q&A! I actually had a really fun time thinking about these questions and answering them! Also check everyone out that participated :). Feel free to leave a like if you enjoyed this post!

Thanks so much for reading!




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LAC matte lipsticks haul.

Hey guys I’m back! It hasn’t really been that long but it feels like it to me. I hope everyone is doing  wonderful  :). Anywhoozer I just wanted to show you guys the LAC matte lipsticks that I got! I might be doing some individual reviews on certain lip colors. For now I’m just going to show you each color I got and the name :).
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