Makeup look of the day! (Day 1)

Hey guys it’s ya girl eboni. Really random thought, but you know how my username is teenblogs. Well I’m gonna have to figure out a new name once I’m not a teenager anymore (which will be a dilemma). #Firstworldproblems.


Anyways haha I’ve decided to do a little series on my blog! Each day I wear makeup (almost everyday I go outside) I’ll make a quick little blog showing you guys and just telling you what products I use. I’ve seen loads of beauty bloggers doing this, so I decided to dip my hand in the beauty guru pot!

**I don’t wear foundation so if you do then do that step!***

  • For my eyes I used my nicka k pallette. I used a transition shade close to my skin tone for my crease and built that up. Then I used a chocolaty brown from the same palette and put it all over my lid. Make sure to blend, blend, blend!


  • For mascara I used the lash sensational by Maybelline which I should have a review on coming soon!


  • For my cute purple lips I used a brand called lip lacquer! I wish they had shade names but sadly the don’t, ugh.
Here’s the complete look! 🙂

So that’s it lovelies it’s very quick and simple. I know it’s not in depth but it’s not really meant to be a tutorial! It’s more or less just telling you quickly what I used! Although if you’d like a tutorial thats in depth I can make that happen ;).

Haha anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this quick little post I’m excited for this little blogger series! If you liked this post feel free to give it a like or some feedback I’d totally appreciate it :).

♡♡Question of the day♡♡: What is your favorite lipstick/liquid lipstick/gloss this month?!

Thanks for reading!






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